Road to Crystal Brush: Hussar 2014

The Crystal Brush has qualifiers in more than just the US. Hussar 2014, in Warsaw, will be another chance for free transport to the finals at next year’s Adepticon.



From the announcement:

We’re pleased to announce that the Hussar painting competition will again be a Crystal Brush Qualifier for 2015! Hussar is now in its 5th year, and has been attracting top level painters and miniature enthusiasts from all around Europe. The entrant judged Best in Show will receive, among other prize support, his or her choice of $100 in CMoN store merchandise credit or round-trip airfare to compete at the 2015 Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago, Illinois!

Hussar will be held October 18 and 19, in Warsaw, Poland. Along with the main painting competition, there will be hobby workshops, speed painting, and the very popular, if unofficial, after-party! Details about registration and entering the competition can be found on the website.