Rivet Wars goes over $150k and posts gameplay video

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jan 7th, 2013

Rivet Wars is just a couple days in and has made it over $150k, upgrading to new tokens in the game set. They’ve also got a gameplay video up. See what you’re getting yourself into in the game.

From the updates:

Here’s a quick something we threw together to show an entire game, which takes about 45 minutes for this simple scenario. Please note that the card designs used here aren’t finished and there’s still polishing up to do in general with the art etc, but the game’s all there.

Larger battles work very well too, and can make things very tactically complex… but enough from me, let Kevin and Mike tell you how to play Rivet Wars.

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  • blkdymnd

    Hope the 4 square-squares are better defined on the end product. It’s confusing to figure out where you’re moving to and I was confused how 2 movement was ‘4 movement’ in the beginning before I realized how the squares were defined. The game borrows enough from Dust Tactics, you could at least define your squares as well.

    • I agree. I think it’s a bit weird myself. Not sure how I feel about the “each square has 4 sub-squares” type deal it has going on. Seems a bit needlessly complex if you ask me.

  • cannondaddy

    I don’t think its that complex, the sub-grid is just to show where to put the figures within the square. It’s pretty cool to see a full game played out in (near) real-time. I can’t afford the Kickstarter, but i’m thinking about getting this when it comes out.

  • surprize

    I’m glad we’re getting news updates every time someone who has backed this CMoN pre-order farts.

    • blkdymnd

      The ratios about right for unbiased journalism. 1 article for Kingdom Death, 1 article they made sure they buried on catch up day for Beyond the Gates of Antares (a Rick Priestly production), for like 3 or 4 Rivet Wars updates. Normal CMON practices…

      • Grim6

        Ok, so I’m a little disappointed with the overall quality / timeliness of the news at TGN recently, but lets be a little more honest here. It’s nice to reinforce a narrative of bias in our heads, but there’s a search bar in the upper right corner, and you can easily check it out.

        From start to finish (for the duration of the Kickstarter) it looks to me like Zombicide had 11 stories. KD:M had 12. Zombicide has had more afterwards, but then again, KD:M just ended, and there have been more than plenty KD stories.

        Momentarily forgetting that I was supposed to be hating on TGN for their ‘bias’, I was actually upset a few months back because of the delay in posting about some update, I think the Ripley / Newt homage figs for Sedition Wars. That was pretty cool news, and I think I submitted the story multiple times.

        Plus Rivet Wars is just cool! 🙂

  • keltheos

    Didn’t CMON get involved with KD here at some point? So make that 4-5 updates on CMON-partnered products. 😉

    I’ve noticed a distinct lack of news variety since TGN stopped looking for and reporting on gaming news and instead has shifted into a fancier-looking TMP-style site where all news has to be submitted to the site. Makes sense that the news items involving the company who now owns the site show up the most, right?

    • At least TTGN isn’t charging to post news.

      And I can verify that Jason doesn’t just post submitted news, he also gets stuff from various RSS feeds. Which is how he gets most of our news.

      • Soulfinger

        Plus, that’s the point of the whole move isn’t it? Now it’s a full-time dedicated gig, so he’ll have more time to dig up the goodness.

        • blkdymnd

          Lets hope so

          • I gotta say, claiming that I “only get news from what’s submitted” I feel is like a personal insult. To say that means you feel that I’m just sitting here, waiting for stuff to come to me, and not caring a tinker’s cuss about stuff that isn’t just plopped into my lap.

            Now, sure, the majority of news /does/ come from what’s submitted, but as Emily said, I do have over 300 websites in my RSS feed that I check every day, plus what comes across the Facebook scroll and of course, there’s just looking around.

            I don’t play favorites. If I find news, I’ll post it. If I don’t find it, I can’t post it.

            And you don’t have to be a gaming company to submit news. Saying, “I don’t think there’s enough variety on TGN” means you feel I’m missing things. I’m sure I’m missing things. I’m human. I can’t be everywhere online and know everything that’s going on on my own. If you feel I’m missing things and know I’m, missing things, but don’t submit a news article saying I’m missing it, then you only have yourself to blame. If there’s a company you love and they have a new release and you don’t see it here, submit it. Bam. Almost a guarantee it’ll get posted (see our posting guidelines for why something might not go t.hrough. You’ll see they’re rather open, but still some stuff does get caught).

            But yeah, if you want to insult my reporting, that’s fine, but perhaps get your facts about what’s going on over on my side of the screen before you just start typing things.

          • Soulfinger

            I would like to see posts about some of the stuff that pops up on Etsy, like:


            or This

            Small run stuff like that would probably interest people sick of Kickstarter projects.

          • I have nothing but respect for CMON and what they are doing with TTGN. This is my first stop in the morning and my last before I sign off.

            On the subject of playing favorites, I would strongly disagree. Quite typically when news hits my blog, I see a flood of visitors the next day due to a post on TTGN sharing with all of you know what is going on in my little corner of the world. I find that I typically only need to submit news if I want to get a jump on their picking up an unsolicited post.

            I think what you are noticing is that CMON has their act together when it comes to advertising and developing indi companies, they support many fresh developers of minis and games, so you are going to see more posts because there is more news to share. The partners they are working with are providing more updates than many small companies and far more than the big boys.

            From what I have seen and my own experience with TTGN, CMON and Polar Bear are doing a fantastic job.

            Just my two cents.
            Mark Mondragon

  • puster

    If Germans vs. British provide for their “Eastern Front”, I wonder whom they will have to fight on the “Western Front”…

    • cybogoblin

      Check the map, many of the region named are inspired by the real world. I’m guessing we’ll see some Ottoman-analogs at some point.

  • puster

    Ottomans would be southern front. But, inspiration coming from real life (blightly done, if I may say so), what is west of their eastern front? Allies fighting it out with “decays” being inspired by doughboys?