River Horse Previews Victor the Kurgan For The Highlander Board Game

Well, if there can be only one, that seems to imply that there’s more than one from time to time. Such is the case with the Immortals in Highlander. So, who else is out there besides the MacLeods? Well, how about Victor the Kurgan? He’ll be part of the upcoming board game from River Horse. Check him out here.

From the announcement:

The second character available for play in Highlander, The Board Game is Victor, a vicious monster of a man.

The Kurgans were an ancient people from the steppes of Russia, but the warrior drawn to America for the Gathering was far older than even those tribes. He was raised with the name Victor, and taught to be the perfect warrior; powerful, strong and ruthless. Trained to beba killer from an early age, the tribe hardened its youngsters by hurling them into fighting pits with starving dogs. Only the strongest survived, and these were exactly the kinds of warriors the Kurgan tribe wanted.

The Kurgan is not the character of choice for those of great subtlety and is most effective at the beginning and ends of the game. His high starting power keeps enemies at bay, though the Kurgan will find it hard to upgrade it due to his other lower stats. At the very end of the game the Kurgan gains a great boon in four quickening tokens, enough to give Victor victory and allow him to claim the prize?


  • Ghool

    What other iconic movies and IP from the late 80’s to early 90’s will get turned into a board game next? A painted model to anyone who can guess the next few….:P

    • Grimbergen

      Die Hard. A-team. Knight Rider. He-man. Thundercats. Fast times at Ridgemont high. 16 candles. Top Gun

      • The folks that did the Mega Man board game were supposed to come out with a Top Gun card game at some point… I remember trying it out at Gen Con a couple years ago… … Never heard anything more…

        Also, I’d play the bloody hell out of Knight Rider game. As a kid, I actually got to sit in Kit, and he talked to me! Photographic proof is… umm… somewhere buried in my parent’s basement…

        • Ghool

          I sat in the real K.I.T. as well at a car show! I’m surprised we haven’t seen a Knight Rider game yet.

        • jamieherbert

          Well Fasa DID come out with a Top Gum minis game, based loosely, and compatible with Battletech.

    • odinsgrandson

      The Breakfast Club

  • odinsgrandson

    I’ll always think of Highlander as the setting where Spaniards wielding Japanese swords talk with Scottish accents.