River Horse Previews Sunda Kastigir For The Highlander Board Game

Immortals come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some were born into nobility, others, not so much. Sunda Kastagir escaped from slavers in his early life, but soon met up with and befriended Connor MacLeod. The two remained together for a while through the Revolutionary War until parting ways. He’ll be one of the characters that you can choose to play as in the upcoming The Highlander board game from River Horse. Check out his stats and a bit more about him below.

From the preview:

The fourth character available for play in Highlander, The Board Game is Sunda Kastigir. See below an exerpt from his all new bio written by black library author Graham McNeill!

Sunda Kastagir escaped slavers and made his way to Florida in the 1700s. Sunda learned of the modern world here and taught himself how to fight with the sword he had carried all the way from Africa. He served Montiano until 1745, when he travelled north, eventually meeting Connor MacLeod in Richmond, Virginia, on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Recognising kindred souls, the two became fast friends, fighting together during the many battles of that bitter conflict. They parted company after Connor’s drunken duel on Boston Common, and would not meet again until 1985, when the pull of the Gathering drew them both to New York City.

Kastagir’s ability may seem not entirely interesting at first glance but it can be a powerful way to deny your enemies the cards they need. Be careful however as using your ability will deplete the deck quickly, and if you aren’t ready to face your foes you might need all the time you can get!


  • odinsgrandson

    It is kind of surprising that Highlander hasn’t had a remake recently.

    I mean, the original film has a following mostly because the lore is so interesting.

    The films execution doesn’t live up to the lore it presents at all. But the lore has earned the film a fan base (who like to impersonate Sean Connery’s Spanish accent).

    A remake or reboot could be really work if they do justice to the lore. Maybe a new television show or something.

    • Ghool

      The only thing good about Highlander was the first movie. It’s one of those franchises that was expanded simply due to a cult following. All of us D&D nerds loved it in the 80’s. But, once Highlander 2 came out, all of that magic died with that movie. I’m not sure how it survived past that, as all of us that loved the original stopped paying attention.

      • odinsgrandson

        I’m going to be burned as a heathen for this, but I honestly thought the film was super cheesy.

        But the Lore was cool in the first one. Highlander 2 decided to turn it into a science fiction schlock instead- basically nixing the only good thing about it.

        Fans have told me that there are two versions of the lore, and some of the other films follow the first version, and others follow the Highlander 2 version.

        For example, the television show from the ’90s makes no mention that Highlanders are exiled aliens.

        • Ghool

          I agree it was complete cheese. With a good measure of corn.