River Horse Posts Tails of Equestria Mini-Adventure

Tails of Equestria is a bit different than the other RPGs we usually feature here on TGN. As such, while most of us are pretty sure in adventure-writing for our games, it might take a bit of fiddling to figure out how to make one for Tails. River Horse is helping out by posting a mini-adventure, for free, on their site. We’ll be getting more adventures like these in the upcoming dice sets that are going to be released next month, too.

From the announcement:

We have an exciting little treat for you today – the first of our mini-adventures for Tails of Equestria is available now for download!
What is a mini-adventure?
Well there is a wonderful game called Tails of Equestria, a game of storytelling and role-playing in which players take control of their very own pony characters to embark on epic adventures across Equestria. They may be saving towns from dragons or stopping a curse from enchanting the ponies of Ponyville, these adventures often take many sessions to complete. A mini-adventure is a little game that can be wrapped up in less than an hour and usually fits in really nicely between other adventures or as an aside, great if not everyone can make it to the game and you don’t want anyone to miss out on the main storyline!


  • odinsgrandson

    Should we play using my daughter’s My Little Pony dolls as minis, or with my own Impact Chibi Ponies?

    • You could use either, really. Though the Impact minis will give you more leeway with options for your character, as well as you can paint them to match your character’s colors, rather than repainting the dolls.

  • Andrew Franke

    This is a joke right?

    • What would make you say that?

      • Andrew Franke

        My Little Pony? Should we expect to see releases about Candyland the 75th anniversary edition? Seriously, you miss things like Napoleon Saga. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1502811376/napoleon-saga-waterloo . News you could easily find. This used to be a one stop Tabletop News Site and you are posting My Little Pony!!!!!!

        • Jared Swenson

          So the mods need to screen their potential stories through you first, to ensure it meets your approval on what’s newsworthy and what’s not? Because yet another historical boardgame means jack all to me, but if they covered it I wouldn’t be commenting how I think the story is a joke. However a pen and paper RPG that seems like a fun opportunity between my daughter and I, I find worthy of mention on a news site covering a broad range of tabletop gaming. They aren’t posting my little pony, they are posting games. You really don’t need to comment if you don’t like the article.

          • DB

            I grew up playing RPGs with my brother and friends. My cousin’s parents played D&D with him (in 1st edition, when there were few alternative RPGs).

            Finding a game you can play with your kids, that uses something they’re comfortable with (so they can get into the roleplaying aspect more than just rolling dice around), and doesn’t always involve combat is pretty appealing.

          • Andrew Franke

            NO! The mods need to post more news. Starting in November 2014 the number of news stories was cut in HALF! Go look at the archives. The excuse of Midweek Snippets and Terrain corners do not make up for the lack of stories.
            Childrens games are NOT why I come here. I am a roleplayer as well and think kids games you can play with kids are great. FINE whatever. I also think it would be nice to know when the next expansion for D&D comes out. We get almost ZERO WOTC news. Battletech, same.

            My point, that I badly illustrated by taking a random news story from the wargaming web, is that many of the big Tabletop stories no longer hit this site because they are not “SENT IN”. I manage a news site similar to one like this for work(Not this hobby). You need to go look for stories as it takes MINUTES to post a story on this site or one like it. I average 40-50 posts a day. This site USE to average about 15. That total is about 7 maybe 8 now on a good day. So my criticism is less about that particular content buy about consistent and relevant stories KICKSTARTER which I get from KS already. This used to be my homepage. Not anymore.

          • Jared Swenson

            There is so much more gaming news than any one website can hope to report on in any given day. The ones that make the cut may not always be of interest to you, but are to other people. A my little pony RPG is getting some attention, not because it’s a kid’s game, but because it’s also made by Allesio Calvatore, a legendary game designer, and the content has a wide adult audience. This is why we are seeing a story about a my little pony rpg, and not some random kid’s boardgame that you can get in any market toys isle. Why is he not reporting on the 75th anniversary of candyland? Because it doesn’t have the same appeal to tabletop gaming enthusiasts as MLP:RPG for all the reasons we have already gone over. But it’s clear you have frustrations with the site as a whole, but commenting on one of the stories with “Is this a joke?” is not the way to do it. That’s cool you can do it better, as you claim, but your ‘professionalism’ isn’t showing through like you hope it is.

          • Andrew Franke

            Sue me I was having a bad day. We see announcements for mainstream games I can find in any bookstore aisle like X-Wing. Why not Candyland? it is a game I can teach my kids to love boardgames with. It is a Worldwide bestseller like Catan. Monopoly? Famous companies and Famous games.

            Allesio Calvatore is not a LEGENDARY game designer. His original designs are few and he is known mostly for his GW rewrites and Bolt action first edition. Taking nothing away form Alessio as a person and a great guy, but he is hardly known as a LEGENDARY innovator like the Knizia
            or Gygax or even Kevin Siembieda. In fairness to Alessio he has done some amazing other designs, they are just not what he is known for.

            I come to this page as a fan from back when it started. My professionalism is something you know nothing about so let’s keep the personal shots off the page JS.