Rite Publishing to launch diceless RPG Kickstarter

Rite Publishing has announced that they’re coming out with a new, diceless RPG system called Lords of Gossamer and Shadow.

From the announcement:

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Diceless) Kickstarter prelaunch! Check out Rite Publishing’s spiritual successor to Amber Diceless Role-Playing officially licensed by Diceless by Design! Download the 17 page free preview! Project launches April 2nd

  • Soulfinger

    So Amber minus the licensing.

  • KelRiever

    Licensing is overrated. Says umpteen releases in gaming world named after movies.

    Also, better than a cardgame with blank cards…..:D

    • Soulfinger

      It’s the Artist Formerly Known as Prince of role playing games.

      That all blank game is the best KS ever.

  • Rite Publishing


    No, its an original IP, we are using the same system but it is NOT Amber with the serial numbers filed off.

    Here are some of the major diffferances though I suggest you check out page 2 of the free preview for a summary of the setting.
    Not a big family story
    Powers do not denote “sides”
    Nondistributed center of power
    No “prize” world everyone is after
    Anyone could potentially find their way into this world
    No “two races of PC types” – Amber and Chaos

    Steven D. Russell
    Rite Publishing

    • Soulfinger

      No, I get that this isn’t Amber. wink wink There are enough unique, distinguishable, and nontrivial differences to legally establish it as an original IP even with the “spiritual successor” blurb printed on the back cover. I’m not complaining. The world without the plot makes for a much better game.