RISK Legacy First Impressions and Review posted on Play Board Games

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Feb 7th, 2012

Play Board Games posts a review of the game Risk Legacy:

From their website:

RISK Legacy is an innovative take on the RISK franchise and boardgaming in general. The more you play the game the more it evolves.

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  • Wow is this the silliest game ever? You get to put stickers on the board and sign it as you play. Some times you are meant to rip up game cards and throw them away. Sounds like it is suitable for budding graffiti artists.

    • bj

      Actually it is an extremely fun game, in one sitting we went through 5 games, which took about 5 hours, some games took an hour, some took 45 mins. The aspect of writing on the board is naming Continents and Cities. Placing stickers is placing said cities in certain countries and placing “scars” that have different effects. If you like Risk, this game takes it to another level. The game board changes and you will never play the same game twice, after the first game the Austrailia, or “Beer” manuever as it is called on my board, doesn’t always work out. There are plenty of surprises in the game, as well as an envelope underneath the tray that says: “Do not open. Ever.” This review did not capture the fun you can gain from playing this game. It barely scratched the surface of the amount of strategy, fun and fullfilment you get from playing it, I could go on more about this game but there is too much to spoil for people who have never cracked a box.

  • jason

    I know the review isn’t too in depth as I didn’t want to spoil all the fun that awaits those who give it a try.

    • bj

      And I totally understand why too. It really is a great game, there is so much that you don’t want to spoil, when we opened some trays everyone got excited and the game play got more and more fun. The board changes, it’s not your daddys version of Risk, despite the high price tag it is WELL WORTH the money spent.

      • jason

        Yep, Plus if you play it 15 times (then all the changes are done) and play with four players each player’s cost per play is TOTALLY worth it.

  • …and after the 15th game? Is it playable again?

    That’s my only gripe.

    • bj

      Absolutely, your “world” has been defined. I personally have two copies, two different play groups, when they are done we can keep playing on the world or move on and buy another copy. The premise of the game is that science has found a way to make an infinite amount of Earths for people to fight over. Each board is embossed with a serial number at the bottom. The chase of getting 15 games in is a rush, but once they are done you have a unique world to play your game of Risk on as created by your players. The game even reccomends to keep playing on the board after the 15th game is said and done.