Review of Ratguard Minis Design Bureau of Hedgehog AA weapon

Senji Studios reviews Ratguard Minis Design Bureau of their Hedgehog AA weapon system after-market upgrade for GW’s Chimera kits.

From the review:

Ratgard Miniatures Design Bureau is one of many companies that are designing after market parts for popular GW kits.

Continuing with the rodent theme, their second kit from is called the Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System. This 30 piece kit will make you a Hydra AA alternative. It will fit on both the old and new Chimera’s. The pieces are beautifully cast and are clean and air bubble free.

  • And the cost of the conversion kit is $48 (plus of course the cost of a Chimera tank).

    It is a good idea to let people know how much things cost in a news article. Saves an awful lot of searching, especially in this case.