Revenant Week begins at Mantic Games

Mantic Games have posted the first article to start off a week of focus on their new plastic Revenant Knights.

From their website:

There has been a lot of buzz about our Fantastic Revenant Knight miniatures ever since they were released a metal product. Ever since their release there has also been rumours, and even a few hints from us here at Mantic, that if the Revenant Knights proved popular we would make them in plastic.

Well the day has finally come, we can officially announce that we are releasing Plastic/Resin Revenant Knights. And for those of you who just can’t wait, you can pre-order them here.

We are releasing 2 sets, firstly the standard Undead Revenant Cavalry Set, which contains 10 highly detailed plastic/resin figures all for only £25/€30/$45.

The second set on offer is a special web deal, only available from our website. The Undead Revenant Cavalry Horde contains 20 highly detailed plastic/resin figures, and 3 additional metal troop figures to replace the second command set you get, if you feel like fielding a truly massive 20-man Cavalry Horde. You get all of this for only £50/€60/$90.