Renegade Game Studio Taking Pre-Orders For Junk Orbit

Humans are pretty bad about leaving a trail wherever we go. Even well-meaning people leave stuff behind. And that penchant for being a bit messy can follow us even out into space. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s where you find yourself in Junk Orbit. Your job is to collect this junk for disposal. Pre-orders for the game are being taken now from Renegade Games.

From the website:

Coming this June!

Space. The final junkyard. Good thing one planet’s trash is another planet’s treasure! You’re a captain of your own scavenging spaceship, picking up space junk and transporting it to any city that will take it. Launch your junk… uh… *cargo* out of your airlock to propel your ship! Race to deliver your cargo as you navigate the orbits of nearby planets and moons! It’s astrodynamics for fun and profit!