Relic Knights – Doctrine Painting Progress

Ninja Division has posted up some progress shots some some painted-up Relic Knights minis.



From the post:

Our friends at Minx Studios have been hard at work on some of the new plastics from the upcoming release of Relic Knights; Darkspace Calamity. These are some “in – progress” shots of the progression from basic prepared plastic miniatures through the painting process. We are looking forward to showing more as we get them. Check out the photos of the Doctrine Battle Box.

  • carypearson

    So it looks like the Kickstarter is going to really have burned me.

    The level of detail on these “plastics” is not even as good as the Super Dungeon Explore minis.

  • blkdymnd

    Wow, those details are horrible. I jumped out of this one at the last second, it just didn’t feel right. So glad I did.