Relic Knights closing in on $100k

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 9th, 2012

Relic Knights has shot up like a rocket in just the little bit it’s been on Kickstarter. They’re almost to $100k and unlocking the final faction for the initial release. They’ve got all sorts of new photos and avatars and all kinds of things on their Kickstarter page. Here’s a small sample:

Go check it out.

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  • So… What’s next? It’s cool to know that all the starters will be released but as in most Kickstarter people are waiting for the extra free goodies to ice the cake :o)

  • Nivanti

    Rubbish compared to sedition wars, where are the extra free bits, gonna have to pull lots more out before I’ll back!

    • While I am really excited about the minis and the game, I do have to agree about the so-called ‘stretch goals’ on this one. As if there was any real doubt they’d get the starter packs out there. Now I’d like to see some REAL stretch goals posted and not just a bunch of ‘hey, we made $150,000 so for $25 more you can have this guy’. Some of those upgrades are fine, but it’s good to have FREE extras thrown in too.

      This is especially true when your kickstarter is running concurrently with Reaper’s where for $100 you are getting (at last count) 106 minis. Yes, I realize that I’m comparing apples to oranges here and there’s no rules or game, etc. But these are the things that backers look for and compare.

      • To frame my comment in the right mind, I AM a backer of Relic Knight and I AM happy with what I’m getting so far at my level.
        However, Nivanti does have a point that, especially after taking off like a rocket, there doesn’t seem to be anything laid out for higher goals yet. If you want backers to jump on after the initial rush, you need to have at least the next few stretch goals ready to go.
        Perhaps they didn’t think this would go nuts as much as it did and they were unprepared, but it does seem a bit more “umm… now what” than Sedition Wars.

  • luckyb0y

    Oh wow that’s some attitude dude. Maybe cut down the sugar or something? You know these stretch goals, or “free bits” as you call them, come from exceeding the starting budget? That’s when backers like you come in. Commit your money – get the “free” bits, don’t and there won’t be any. Simple way to give back to the community. I guess not simple enough…

  • Sorry… We’re used to get some extra bits when funding targets are smashed… And this is the case here again with one more limited edition figure available at certain pledge levels! Thanks Soda Pop and CMoN. A kickstarter has to be attractive. That’s part of the interest with kickstarters. We share the risk and we get rewarded. The more of us share the risk and the more of us are rewarded with extra (and sometime limited) items.
    This was no a negative comment I was just curious to see what was next after unlocking all factions.
    And I AM a backer! ;o)

    • luckyb0y

      I was actually referring to “rubbish” part of Nivanti’s comment. This comment of yours actually made me reconsider. I guess attractive stretch goals are part of successful Kickstarter campaign. I didn’t care about Zombicide and Sedition Wars (both from CMoN), but I must admit they had way better stretch goal based rewards. Then again for 50$ you get a starter set about equivalent to Warmachine/Hordes so it seems a fair deal. Also the other two are boardgames which usually don’t offer as much opportunities for further expansion as miniature games.

  • I’d be glad to see the extra guys at 25 bucks available for free at some point.

  • Nivanti

    Lucky boy I see it like this. I’m not a charity, I’m not going to throw my hard earnt money at a company without a good incentive and I’m sorry I just don’t see one at this stage. Ok I get a starter set, big deal!

    Everyone is now jumping on kickstarter and unless company’s are made to really offer good deals it will just turn into yeah let’s give them 200k just so we can see what’s next. They need us remember so let them attract us with exclusive offers, otherwise I might as well wait until its just released mainstream.

    My days of being sucked into the hype are over and in comparison to other kickstarter projects what they are offering to me is rubbish so no I won’t spend until I see something worth spending on.

  • Nivanti

    And just to add to that I’d like to see more about the game mechanics, if I want big boobed teens I’ll buy a manga comic.

  • Sikil

    I was ready to start this game before the mention of a kickstarter… Now with the added benefit of plastic miniatures and kickstarter-lootage, I’ll going “all in” and puts 135 USD on it plus P&P! (Might go higher if the LE minis are cool enough… )