Release updates from Solway

Solway Crafts and Miniatures have posted an update on their next set of planned releases.

From their website:

Our next show will be Phalanx 19th June, we are also going to try and cover Wappinshaw at Glasgow on the same day- could be interesting! Until then we will be concentrating on keeping the website and eBay a bit better stocked. First up are the flags I’ve added another 5 sheets to the VBCW range (see flag page) and am doing up the old ranges as fast as I can. I’ve some warbases buildings awaiting paint and an armoured train that should be finished shortly. Hopefully too some time for more character figures including the Musketeer standard bearers. Chief Engineer to the Toffs aka Red Rich is hard at work producing customised armoured vehicles, ready to go with a nice lick of paint and suitable insignia, I will be getting five a month of these little gems so watch out for them.

The next book releases will probably be for Claymore in August, most likely the AFV’s title and or second volume on flags. The Campaign booklets are probably now going to become part of our Infamous Battles of the VBCW and will be a winter release along with the much anticipated Guide to the Anglican League with full colour artwork by Pete Barfield. If this Ospreyesque style book does as well as we hope we intend then to do similar for the other main VBCW factions. If you have a dig around on the GWP forum you might also find a bit of info regarding our new project for 2011!