Red Kobold running Blue Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 3rd, 2014

Red Kobold is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Blue Dungeon Tiles which can be written on with both wet and dry-erase markers.


From the campaign:

Blue Dungeon Tiles are map tiles for roleplaying games and miniature wargames. To provide maximum versatility, the tiles are double sided with common corridor configurations on the front face and a grid on the back face. The tiles can be assembled into rooms and corridors in moments. The grid and designs are marked in increments of 1″. The tiles of the BASIC set are 4″x4″.

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  • Soulfinger

    WOW! It’s like playing on the map from a 1st edition module, and I say that without an ounce of sarcasm. That’s cool. I may actually pledge this one.

  • Major_Gilbear

    Could people not just print some grids out themselves and get them laminated for super-duper-cheaps?

    I mean, if you’re going to KS a product like this, at least make them from engraved laminate or something that’s durable.

    Dunno, it’s not that these are bad value or anything, but I’m not not seeing why something like this needs Kick Starting. =0/

    • Soulfinger

      Well, I try to say something nice and look what happens. Crash my joy bus ride. No matter what, there is a great tip on the KS, “Permanent marker can be removed from the tiles by coloring over with a black dry-erase marker then erasing.” I am very happy to know that.

      • Major_Gilbear

        You can also use a bit of rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit on an old clean cloth for the same (in fact, better) result.

        In an attempt to say something nice though… Hmm. What about if we could see it next to Games Workshop Imperial Knight for scale? I don’t think we’ve had nearly enough Knight-related news, and the extra traffic it generates would be good for Red Kobold.

  • redkobold

    Soulfinger, thanks for the interest and I hope you decide to pledge.

    Major Gilbear, for size comparison, the tiles are 4″x4″ with 1″ spaces grid on all of the backs. No snarkiness intended here but people could print them out and laminate them and cut them down themselves. That is how I made my prototypes but it is difficult to get the double sided printing to line up properly. Getting the print or copy shop to laminate is quite expensive as is purchasing your own laminator and laminating sheets. There are also costs for cardstock and ink/toner as well as a cutter. Lastly there is the time it takes to do all of this. Most rpg items could be DIY like adventures and terrain but some folks do not have that inclination or time so they purchase pre-made products. That is what I am providing with Blue Dungeon Tiles. For me it was like bottled water. Simple, stunningly obvious and a bit underwhelming. Not so long ago I recall many scoffing the idea of purchasing water. Blue Dungeon Tiles are not bottled water or even sliced bread but I think that many really find the concept interesting and useful. Not even 5 days into the campaign and it has reached 70% of the finding goal.

    Whew! I think that is the longest I have ever posted on any forum.

    • Major_Gilbear

      So your tiles are basically bottled water, but not bottled water. Also, you nearly reached your funding goal and that therefore invalidates my comments. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up! =0)

      Alternatively, you can find a laminator on Amazon for a very low price, and laminating pouches on Ebay for very cheap too (I know, I’ve bought them!). You don’t need to print double-sided on heavy cardstock – just print single-sided onto thick paper, cut the rectangles out and fold them over back-to-back (perfect line-up every time). They hardly need glue either as the laminating will hold them together. You make it sound like knocking a pile of these out in one evening is some sort of epic quest, when it is in fact cheap, fast, and easy.

      A better product to try would have been a material like this:!/~/product/category=2373865&id=14622714

      That would give you very substantial durability and be a really high-quality product that people cannot really make themselves. You know, use the KS funding platform to really push the boat out and produce a fantastic professional product at an affordable price point.

      RPG players must be really lazy and gullible types though, judging by the relatively low standard of KS fare that is squarely aimed that them (just look at all the crappy dice or shonky custom miniature KS for example…).

      Anyway, I’ve said enough now. I’ll wish you good luck with your project, and perhaps look forward to your future endeavours.