Red Knight Entertainment’s Corpse Hammer Preview #2: Necrovanum Hate Faces

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 21st, 2012

Red Knight Entertainment gives us our second look at Corpse Hammer with their Necrovanum Hate Faces.

From the preview:

Up for preview we have the Necrovanum Hate Faces. Born of dark arcane machine with flesh and cybernetics, the legions of Necrovanum are then raised from their dead state by the Arch Necromassers.

The Hates are the most commonly used troop type amongst the Necrovanum. They are simple to manufacture and require the lowest level programming of their forces. Simple savage beasts, the Hates roam the world of Sephraxis at their dark masters will, lurching, hunching and twisting about every which way, looking and listening for prey with which to consume.

The Hate Faces are the lowest level Hates. They are the cannon fodder of the Necrovanum, a solid step above the refuse of rejected bio-mass initiates grown in the arcane incubation chambers. All the Hates are without arms and jaws with various weapons affixed to their bodies, usually their grim visages. They Hates do not see or have eyes in the traditional sense, rather they have sensors that hone in sharply on movement, waves of emotion and the smells they encounter, thus lending more to their animalistic state and behavior.

The Hate Faces are a fast and light melee unit. 10 models per unit.
Necrovanum Hate Faces (10 minis) – $38
Necrovanum Hate Faces x2 (20 minis) $70 – ($6 Savings)
Necrovanum Hate Faces x3 (30 minis) $96 – ($18 Savings)

All miniatures will be available in the Corpse Hammer Kickstart in early October.
Hate Faces x3 pack will be a Kickstart exclusive deal only.

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  • metalsifter

    I’m at a loss for words…..

  • redbranch

    I wish these guys luck, but with the level of quality produced by Corvus Belli, Privateer Press, GW, and Wyrd (to name a few), I doubt they will have much success with sculpts that hearken back to the early 90s.

  • Veritas

    I get that whoever the creator is he is passionate about this subject matter, but did he do some research first? Like look around on forums for people’s opinions? I just can’t see these doing well.

  • Vycem

    Am I the only one who thinks this is just some guy trolling the miniature gaming community? I can’t believe this is real. Too much money on what is pretty much a parody.

  • Soulfinger

    HAHAHAHAHA! They . . . they’re . . . let me catch my breath here . . . They are actually called “Hate Faces!” I love the “Talk to the hand” pose.

    “Master, I can see the hate etched on their faces.”
    “Great idea, Igor! We can call them Hate Faces! Now, let us shred some riffs with my Fender Necrobass Guitar.”

    LATER, at the Siege of Excrementus Defilus Major . . .

    “Sergeant Hardcore, those things . . . The way they look at us. It’s like they hate our faces”
    “Yeah kid, that’s why they call them hate faces. There are worse things though. Creatures that stomp your guts or ream your ass. Those are the ones you have to worry about. Here, you can borrow my Sony Walkman to calm your nerves. I just got a new Cradle of Filth cassette.”

    At first, I thought this game was a bad idea, but now I am 100% behind it. Please post more! METAL!

  • Gallahad

    These…. are not the best. Are they supposed to rend their enemies with their nose fins or something?

    I feel bad, I hope for the sake of the guy who is running this that these minis are just what somebody out there is looking for. In large quantities. Because the reception hasn’t exactly been positive.

  • Ghost

    I need to listen to a lot more metal before I understand

  • Daniel36

    I like ’em! And we don’t need to take them seriously any more than we need to take a game like Super Dungeon Explore seriously. If 80s band covers are the inspiration, then he couldn’t have done a better job.

  • Harsh. These guys are getting hammered, but I don’t think these sculpts are bad. At least not technique/sculpting/execution-wise. I can understand people not liking them conceptually (it is a weird idea and clearly not for everyone), but the sculpting seems fairly solid. There are tons of little details in the folds of the flesh and what-not. I’d like to get some idea of scale, and how big those oval integral bases are because they could be difficult to base.

    Hey, was Hatchet Face from Crybaby a Hateface?

    • Soulfinger

      They’re not just getting hammered. They’re getting corpse hammered. Sculpt quality aside, would you buy them? Would anyone on this site buy enough of these models to keep Red Knight Entertainment solvent as a company? I know that I have been having quite a laugh at this guy’s expense, but the underlying criticism is valid.

      Daniel36 sayeth (sorry, user name makes it like quoting Scripture) that we don’t need to take it any more seriously than Super Dungeon Explore, but SDE was designed to be silly. It is a very well constructed game play experience, whereas this does not appear to be in any sense a parody game. You may like the minis, but do you like them enough to drop $100 on them when the Kickstarter begins?

      Also, I love this typo: “looking and listening for prey with which to consume.”
      Egads, a hate face! Hide or it will ask us out to dinner!

  • Cherno

    You all can hate as much as you want, at least we will finally see 28mm KISS miniatures as army leaders!

    … Hopefully 😉

    • ’cause you were born for loving them baby

  • jormunrekk

    Heck, the more I see them, the more I like them. Sure, they are not the greatest of casts, but if they are appropriately priced, I can see myself buying a box or two. As far as the ludicrousness of the concept/names/etc. goes, there are some companies whose offerings are no less “deadlyseriousübernecrodark” and which make a good living of it, without the least hint of assumed silliness.

    Plus, I’m not sure that the “metal” concept, as some have called it, is really less mature or more ridiculous than the ever-popular fascination with Japan, ninja, samurai, martial arts, etc.

    In short, to each his own.

    • Veritas

      It says right in the article 10 hate faces for $38. I think that’s sorely overpriced for the quality of these sculpts. They look like they belong in the Megaminis dollar line.

      • jormunrekk

        Oh dear, indeed.
        Well, so much for “appropriately priced”… Too bad.

  • The whole thing is bonkers. Love it!

  • A concept very similar to Zenit Miniature’s Rotten for their Not Alive faction :

    But not as nice.

  • KelRiever

    These are some of the funniest replies I have ever read on TGN. Well done!