Red Knight Entertainment previews next set of Sci-Fi buildings

Red Knight Entertainment has previews of the next of their Sci-Fi terrain sets on their website. They’ll be ready for ordering soon.

From them to you:

We have the last preview for the upcoming Materion Future Tech Terrain.

We have pictures of the last 4 buildings that come with the Future Tech set as well as the double wide scenario building. There is now a detail shot of all 13 buildings on the website.

Next up we have shots of the city props that may be scattered throughout your table layout as well as the 15 city tiles that may be used to construct your city grid. (Alternate Sidewalk/Ground Tile without grid included) We have also posted an example city layout to show how the street tiles are used to create your city grid.

We have also updated the 28/32mm compatibility information with a free download of a building face in black and white so you can print it out for yourself to see how your 28/32mm miniatures would look in front of the future tech buildings.

The RKE Materion Sci-Fi Terrain set will be available on Monday, April 2nd in PDF form for the introductory price of $12. After the first 400 sales the Materion Sci-Fi terrain will be permanently restocked at $16.

Materion is a easy to build terrain system that focuses on simplistic design with great graphics so you may build an entire 4×8′ wargame table chock full of Line of Sight colorful goodness in a single day.

  • Sevej

    I think it’d be super great if you provide interior inserts. No need for interior wall (actually hinders when playing with 15mm figures). I like your idea of simple terrain. While the textures are a little bit different from what I imagined, I think you have plenty of personality with them.

    Tile sizes are a bit odd though… would’ve better for me if it’s in 6″ or 8″ squares.

    Additional signage (restaurant names, offices, banks) would go a loooong way, and also some neon commercial boards, graffiti that can be stuck on, etc.

  • Thank you for your kind response 🙂

    Sorry about the tile sizes. I just wanted to take advantage of the few extra inches in the odd tile size. Future sets past this one and the next may be square…

    Can’t do interior inserts right now but I pounded out 26 building signs today just for you :?)

    Added them to the PDF that will go on sale Monday. Hope you like!

    Preview pic of Building Signs: