Red Knight Entertainment announces Corpse Hammer, new 32mm minis game

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 19th, 2012

Red Knight Entertainment is going to be coming out with a new minis game: Corpse Hammer. They’ve got the first of the previews up.

From the preview:

Announcing an exciting new 32mm game from Red Knight Entertainment.

Corpse Hammer is a Dark Science Fiction/Fantasy miniature game set in a world laden with arcane energies. On one side you have the supernaturally gifted Nephalim Knights defending the immortal populace from the cybernetic hordes of unliving known as the Necrovanum.

Today for preview we have the first unit of 5 that will be shown in the next couple weeks.

These are the Corpse Hammers for House Remegoth, one of the Nephalim Knight Houses. Units are named after their weapons, hence this unit’s name.

Using the legendary Corpse Hammer cannon as well as the Houses’ own unique Crucigoth Short Sword, these Nephalim Knights are reapers of the damned on the black planet of Sephraxis.

A little background:
I am David Rogers, starting a new 32mm miniature game.
I have currently used every last penny I have to get 29 miniatures printed for my game. I put a strong focus on dynamic one piece miniatures whenever possible. I will be showing all 5 units that comprise these 29 minis over the next couple weeks.
I produce all of my own work from website, graphics, writing, creating, 3d sculpting for printing, logos art etc. I can produce miniatures at a fast pace and hope to be doing so in the future.

I hope to Kickstart the game in early October and with your help, cement a new game to our industries wonderful lineup. The miniatures will be sitting at the mold maker ready to go when the Kickstart begins. This will be a simple Kickstart with no stretch goals as to allow for quick product delivery within a few months after all 29 molds have been made and the miniatures produced. I am just one person doing this and I want to keep it that way concerning all creative work and sculpting for the company. The higher the Kickstart goes, the more minis will be produced in the future. I currently have 47 new minis waiting to go to the 3d printer.

There have been some rather “big” Kickstarts lately so I hope that as a relative unknown there is room for me as well. If you can get behind someone as small as myself I would greatly appreciate. I hope to reach my goal of 40k within a few weeks. I really don’t need 40k but there is just something magic about that number. Corpse Hammer 40,000… dollar, Kickstart. Ahem.

Check out the website, you can find out more about me, RKE and all about Corpse Hammer.

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  • Soulfinger

    Finally! A game METAL enough for me.

    From the necrotic slaughterfields of the Cradle of Filth emerged a squadron of Dimmu Borgir toting their stormblaster cannons and led by the Morbid Angel, Christopher Walken. He was of the Nephilim — because Nephilim are METAL! The Hellhammers of the Darkthrone raised their Tormentors in salute, the dark honor guard of a Black Funeral. The Bolt Throwers were emplaced among the Soilwork, both Behemoth and Mastadon stood ready under the wathful eye of the Necrophagist . . . you get where I’m going with this . . . the Brittney Spearsmen wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Seriously though, the actual backstory sounds like a GWAR concept album. The miniatures look like Prunemasters from the Raisin Republic. Warhammer 40K pretty much toes the fine line that separates bad-ass from flat-out silly. A darker WH40K full of necro-this and cruci-that is inevitably going to be silly. At this point, it can be safely said that anything involving the word “Nephilim” is going to be a tired and played out concept. I’d be more tempted to play a game about bakers and stock market analysts in a war torn future than anything involving nephilim.

    • Ghost

      ^ this

  • lordofexcess

    Indeed as well said as can be Soulfinger 🙂

  • Endre Fodstad

    While I am not a fan of the aesthetic either, I will have to point out that the 40k background and imagery is pretty silly and over the top. It was meant to be silly and over the top, when it came out as Rogue Trader, and hasn’t gotten less silly even if a bunch of folks (including quite a few of its makers, at this point) have started taking it seriously. Which doesn’t mean it is not entertaining or occasionally fun to read about, of course.

    • metalsifter

      Yes but GW models actually look good, these look like they have hot dogs strapped to their legs.

      It’s also surprising that the fist comment was left up, as harsh and rude as it is, when comments about the poor quality of games like Infanticide, which were far more constructive and less inflammatory, were taken down.

    • Soulfinger

      Precisely. Games Workshop used to include Warhammer Records, which produced all of one album by D-Rock. Remember when White Dwarf ran ads for Bolt Thrower with its Warhammer inspired lyrics? Or back when they produced a game called “Oi, That’s My Leg,” which came with an audio tape of GW staffers “singing”? 40K represents that fine line because no matter how silly it is, most people can say “Blood Angel” with a straight face. It’s a sort of deadpan humor, like being in on a joke. “The Corpse Hammers for House Remegoth” . . . well, some people think Norwegian Black Metal is super hardcore bad-ass. I am not sure that there is enough of an audience to support that aesthetic in a wargame.


      • Soulfinger

        Crap. Screwed up my link to the funny Norwegian Black Metal guy.

        • Ghost

          Norwegian Black Metal is too metal for linkage \m/

  • begisle

    These knights remind me of the original koralons from VOID

    • odinsgrandson

      I got a more of a ‘Mutant Chronicles’ feel from them.

  • Gallahad

    I have never been a metal fan, but the fusion of rock music and fantasy has always been interesting to me. Mostly on a “how on earth did that begin” type level.

    I wish the author luck, but I think the desire for games set in universes resembling album art from the 80’s has passed. But maybe I’m just not metal enough to appreciate it.

  • ferk

    It’s too bad that someone so detail oriented spent so much time sculpting these and totally failed to capture anything ‘cool looking’ at all.
    They should have gone for a sci-fi adaption of Dracula’s muscle armour in that Bram Stokers Dracula movie. instead of the inflatable balloon animal legions of Hell look.

  • jedijon

    So this is a warhammer spoof? Man, sometimes it’s hard to tell if stuff is even for real. I guess that’s the hallmark of real “news”!

    Sorry creator of this game, but I’ll vote for a pass please.

  • Soulfinger

    I think that the biggest thing the designer missed is the whole “Hey mom, look what I bought!” factor.

  • Veritas

    Man, if you think these are bad check out the new preview they put up of “Hate Faces.” They have what appears to be axes made out their own flesh and bone growing from their faces. Oh, and they have no arms so hope they don’t fall down.

    • 4tonmantis

      I just pictured them running around and landing in soft ground.. and not being able to get up..

      I agree that this is an extremely silly idea. Creator guy, I get that it’s a labor of love.. don’t give up.. but understand that this particular “area” is failing a bit.