Red Box Games October releases available for pre-order

Red Box Games is now accepting pre-orders for their October fantasy miniature releases.

Freyr of the Turning Leaf

From their announcement:

Due to ship on the 22nd of October.

OK sans the two Njorn that were planned this month (minor issues that required fixes to the originals and remastering) here I have to offer a whole bunch of shooty woodsy types. Finally Dvergr collectors have their ranger strike force to compliment their melee troops.

Up next for the Dvergr will be some new berserkers and Dvergr longbowmen. Also I have Beautiful Eivor and her companion Freyr of the Turning Leaf.

I plan to do melee versions of Freyr and the hunters at some point, but I am not sure when, there are a lot of things in the queue for November / December.

Also you will notice that several items are missing from the shop right now. These are only temporarily out of stock. I expect a restock very soon, but I did not want people to place orders that I could not fill immediately upon the arrival of the new releases so this is what we got.