Red Box Games March releases available for pre-order

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 10th, 2011

Red Box Games is now accepting pre-orders for their March 2011 fantasy miniature releases.

Avalonian Cleesewych

Avalonian Cleesewych

From their announcement:

Scheduled to ship on the 25th of March the March Releases from Red Box Games are now available for pre-order. I am very proud to announce two new liens for the RBG catalogue;

The Aenglish and the Shirelings

  • Talarius

    Those are some great sculpts! I hate to single out just one as they are all deserving of praise, but I really like the non-comical halfling. That’s not the usual route for halfling sculpts these days and what you’ve got is very convincing.

  • Tre Manor

    Thank you Talarious. 🙂

  • Grim Squeaker

    Absolute stunning models! I have almost every Red Box Njorn models in my Norse army and haven’t been disappointed yet. It seems Malvarion of the Black Tower will my next model in my Norse and Fat Fergus the Wandering Friar will look great in my Bretonnian peasant unit 🙂

    Two thumbs up!

  • yamaneko

    Wow, Tre. Excellent release. You’ve outdone yourself yet again.