Rebel Minis shows off new TCN-2000 “Tin Can”

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 23rd, 2012

Rebel Minis has themselves a new robot in their ranks, the TCN-2000 Tin Can.

From the website:

The TCN-2000 or “Tin Can” as the Earth Force Marines call it, is a autonomous battlefield robot that assists in the support of troops with both firepower and hand to hand combat. The first TCN-2000 trial-tests were in 2031 during the Bug invasion of New Portland. The Model is all metal, multi piece and stands roughly 2.25″ to the top of the head. Model comes with a 50x50mm base.

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  • BaSaint

    Ahh, so that’s where the SST CHAS went

    • haywire

      Yar. Rebel either has or is trying to get a bunch of Mongoose’s SST molds.

    • I thought I wasn’t going mad… I thought it was a Chas.

      Looking at the cast, the mould could do with a bit of re-mastering though.

      • winter

        Nah, I have a couple of the Mongoose originals and they were about that quality (i.e. soft detail and lots of flash).

  • I am glad you guys posted. I thought it looked like an old SST model I used to have.

    SST was a good game (well the first edition was).

    No more MGP for me (ever)!

    Rebel Minis on the other hand 🙂

  • Oh yeah! Perfect addition to the anti-monster teams in Kaiju Kaos!