Rebel Minis Releases Pangalactic Legion

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 27th, 2012

Rebel Minis has released their latest sci-fi minis, the Pangalactic Legion.

From the release:

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of our newest 15mm packs! The Pangalactic Legion! The Legion is made up of many different types of aliens and we currently have two packs available.

Pangalactic Legion Command and Heavy Weapons Pack. Each pack contains 5 15mm Alien Command and Heavy Weapons and has an SRP of $3.49.

Pangalactic Legion Infantry Pack. Each pack contains 24 15mm Alien Infantry. 8 different sculpts, 3 of each and has an SRP of $12.99.

Sculpted by the talented PF, these are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer! Painted by Jeff Racel!

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  • Sweet! Very nice minis. Too bad they’re not 28s. 😉

  • JRacel

    You guys are missing out! 15mm miniatures are cheaper, easier to store, allow MUCH larger battlefields, lots of great minis now available and you can still use your existing rules sets, just scale them down a little. Come over to the dark side, we have, well, what I said above. I would offer pies or cookies, but since I am gluten intolerant, such things are not so easy to do . . . . . 😛


    • I was only posting in jest. I like to tease Mike about his tiny figures. 🙂