Reaper’s Bones looking to the next stretch goal

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 12th, 2012

Reaper just keeps going up and up in their funding and that means more and more models for you. Here’s a look at their next goal level at $405k.

From the update:

You have all done an amazing job! Mr. Bones has stirred up the angry spirits! Now, Vampire and Undertaker level backers will receive these 4 “medium” and one “large” spectral haunt figures – made in translucent green plastic, automatically as a part of their pledge! That’s 111 miniatures for Vampires!

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  • I’ve been following this Kickstarter from the start. I’m in for the Vampire level. Right now, that is 111 models for $100, not to mention a variety of options including giants, dragons and paint sets.

    We are in a great time for minis when companies like Reaper and Cool Mini or Not offer their fans amazing deals to help them bring more products to market.

    Though I’m not an anime fan for miniatures, I hope that Relic Kinghts does well and that ther are more opportunities from both companies in the future.

  • I think the support is amazing, but $100 for getting the “bonus” minis? I think that’s a little too high, although it is a good way to get more people to ante up more money to Vampire level.

    Good support shown so far, I wonder how much more they will do in the time remaining.

    • odinsgrandson

      During the Sedition Wars Kickstarter, I found some kickstarter statistics. I found out that the most efficient price point Kickstarter has is $100.

      I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who found those statistics. This is why the Zombicide, Sedition Wars, Bones and now Relic Knights all have a $100 price point as their encouraged level (And for Relic Knights, you end up buying two faction starters at the Savior of the Universe level).