Reaper surpasses $3million

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 25th, 2012

Reaper has made it past $3 million.

That just sort of says it all, really.

4 hours to go. Here’s their next goal level.

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  • lordofexcess

    Glad to see them finish with some more minis 🙂 I was worried the last stretch was going to be a PDF novel :/ This was epic!

  • newbie_from_hell

    dunno whats happened but havn’t been able to get on for the last 15minutes, looks like kickstarter died towards the end, tried from 3 locations around the uk couldn’t access it from any 🙁

    • Mahrdol

      I think the serever was overloaded. Last I saw it was just over the last goal.

      • Mahrdol

        Creator Reaper Miniatures 5 minutes ago

        Anyone who was unable to Pledge up because of server problems, we will allow you to pledge up at the pledge Manager.


  • estrus

    Def a wild ride! I’m $360 poorer, but worth every penny. I’ll be swimming in minis!

  • Elusive71

    Yeah, I wasn’t able too either. 🙁

  • swiftdraw

    I was talking to one of the employees at Reaper HQ, and he said their biggest challenge now is to ship some 3.3 million mini’s now. That is if I remember the number right, as that seems low. Still, millions of mini’s to produce and ship just for this Kickstarter, never mind actual stock, is… Wow. Best of luck to them and congrats on the successful funding.

    • Veritas

      Uh, just for 16,475 Vampire backers, (with NO extras,) Reaper needs to cast just shy of 4 million minis. So figure with the other pledge levels PLUS all the extras people are adding on then I’m guessing Reaper needs to cast nearer to 6 million figures in the next 6 months. A staggering task.