Reaper release Power Palette

Reaper Miniatures have released an online tool, Power Palette, to colour match colours from images.

From their website:

Our Power Palette is a fantastic new tool to help you improve your painting. It’s a simple tool, really, but a huge deal for your painting.

You upload an image or supply a URL and start clicking inside the image. Our system will figure out the closest Master Series Paint colors for you.

Like a color? Save it to a list.

Want to see what colors went into that gem effect in a sword hilt? Want to see how you might put together a certain skin tone? Need to match the fur color of your dog? Just upload the pictures. The images get cleared off the server a few minutes after you stop clicking around.

Even better, the Power Palette is linked to the user-generated Inspiration Gallery. Now you don’t have to guess at the colors that went into your favorite paint jobs. A couple clicks and you’ll know.