Reaper posts up new releases

Reaper has some more of their regular updates for you as they continue to work on their Bones orders. Here’s what they’ve got for you this week:

From the release:

Hello! We have some lovely new releases for you this week.

We’re also in the middle of locking in our Kickstarter pledges for our Bones project.

  • jedijon

    Something tells me that the Consortium Agent (the red/white lady) doesn’t look quite that boss from some other angles. But MAN what a great shot that is! Wonderful face both in sculpture and in painting. This is a great figure! What execution.

    I hope to own this lady soonish.

  • kalamadea

    That Cinderella is just fantastic! Quite fond of the Cleric of Mammon as well, makes a great evil sorceress style character/villain. Aspis…not so much. Maybe it’s the paintjob on the pants, but her legs look incredibly thin. Reaper has (almost) always had great models, I’m glad to see for the latest few releases they’ve got a real studio painter to do them justice.