Reaper online store now in other currencies

The Reaper online store can now display prices in £, € and US$.

From their website:?

Now you can shop Reaper Online with one of three currencies. How does all this work? Simple, really. You click on one of those little flags over there under the Reaper logo. The system then recalculates the prices on everything and displays all the prices in your local currency. You live in Europe, you can pay in Euros. Britain? Pounds Sterling.

What does this mean for you?

Pay in your native currency.

No pesky conversion fees. You pay in euros, we collect in euros. No muss, no fuss.
Free shipping option

We’re offering a free shipping option to anywhere in the world for orders over €35 and £35. Simple as that.
Free shipping to Canada

If you’re in Canada, select USD, and you’ll get a free shipping option at $25.
Mark your package as a gift.

No, we’re not going to gift-wrap it for you, but we will declare it as a gift on customs and suppress the price information on the receipt for you.