Reaper Miniatures up and over $2 million on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 24th, 2012

Reaper is over $2 million on Kickstarter.

Yeah… $2 million.

If you want in, there’s still a little over a day to go.

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  • alanshutko

    Currently, a $100 pledge will get you 221 minis. That’s going to go up in a few hours, I think!

  • The Reaper Kickstarter has been a wild ride!

    It is tracking close to $30k an hour and should hit it’s next stretch sometime tonight. That would bring the total number of miniatures up to 225 for $100. If this didn’t sound amazing enough, some of these miniatures are giants, golems and other larger miniatures.

    There are also a bunch of options you can purchase like a $25 dracoliche. From the images, this may be one of the largest dragons available on the market. Though not as huge, my favorite option is the steampunk clockwork dragon. I can’t wait to add this to my Savage Worlds Ripper campaign!

  • lordofexcess

    241 minis and counting for 100 bucks. This is the best value in a kickstarter project I’ve ever seen.

  • lordofexcess

    Sorry typo … 221 … though I think it is about to indeed hit 225 and with tomorrow yet to go, more people deciding to buy in on another kickstarter account for a second vampire level. It could hit 241 minis for 100 by the end of it 🙂

    • Myrthe

      Why would you need another Kickstarter account for another Vampire level pledge? Couldn’t you just double your pledge amount in the Pledge Manager ? $200 with the Vampire selected ?

      • bloodsbane

        Yes, you can.

    • lordofexcess

      You can not do that in Kickstarter. You can just add 200 bucks and hope they let you do it in the reaper manager once it is online. I didn’t want to risk it. Many other kickstarters have limits per account, that is the main reason that I have multiple accounts, as I have more than one account I just did it cleanly so I have purchased 2 vampire levels and then all my add-ons. I’m sure that if you put 200 bucks in they’ll let you get more in their cart system once it is up though.

    • lordofexcess

      As usual though typical internetz … focus on the details and try to prove people wrong. You get bonus points for that?

  • I keep thinking that although this is awesome, won’t it effectively torpedo any future demand from their fanbase because everyone walks away with such a truck-load of great figures?

    • It will, except for those who are broke, like me, who will pick up blisters here and there at the LGS.

      • TylerT

        not really, many of these backers are first time miniatures painters who probably wanted to use minis for a while but were unable to afford it. i know i never really had a collection for fantasy rpgs before this. but now that i will have them i’m starting to think of all these great ways to use them, in fact there are many options i want double of or cant afford at the moment that i will pick up from an FLGS. if anything this is creating much more demand in the long run.

  • lordofexcess

    This was an amazing kickstarter campaign … so happy with it! Though I have to say at the end of it I’m a little sad about that last stretch goal. A PDF book … sort of like the knitted sweater from grandma on Xmas morning … :/ That said holy crap this is going to be like xmas when all this stuff arrives!!

  • lordofexcess

    I hope they do a special end of campaign reward of some kind … I’d love to be proven wrong on the PDF book thing 🙂 Honestly though they clearly started kind of running out of stuff to do. You can even tell on their graphics they just started repeating that last one over and over. I don’t think in their wildest dreams they expected this thing to hit this big. They just kept piling on the minis … it was just too good to not jump in with both feet on.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Gorgeous stuff keeps on getting unlocked. The PDFs were a bit of a dud IMHO, but the familiars, the skeletal dragon and the 8″ Cthulhu are all mighty sweet. The clock is ticking, with less than an hour to go.