Reaper Miniatures closes P-65 miniatures line

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 4th, 2013

Reaper, decided, due to the success of their Bones line, to cancel their P-65 metals line of miniatures.

From the announcement:

To our valued customers,

Effective immediately, we are ceasing production of our P-65 Heavy Metal Miniatures line.

The incredible success of our Dark Heaven: Bones miniatures line has given us the opportunity to produce more affordable gaming and hobby options for the miniatures hobby. While P-65 was very successful for us, we have decided not to invest any further into P-65 Heavy Metal products and rather invest those dollars into Bones.

We are currently filling all orders with the existing inventory we have on hand, but we will not be casting any more P-65 products to fill these orders.

As of February 4th we will no longer accept any future P-65 order requests

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  • KelRiever

    Sad, but makes sense. I thought P-65 was great! Super cheap minis. Seriously, I do not need to be paying $7-10 a miniature because it is made of pewter when lead is FINE. Unless you are feeding your miniature to your child. In which case have fun telling the doctor that pewter was a safer alternative. 😀

    But yeah, if the point was to make miniatures less expensive, bones is the way to go. If those p-65 miniatures are still around, whenever I get to it, I’ll buy some. Otherwise, looking forward to bones.

  • 4tonmantis

    Do you know if the P-65 figures were reproduced with Bones or is this a branch of minis that is just going away altogether?

    • Soulfinger

      If they weren’t, they will be . . . eventually. Bones were accounting for a full third of their sales prior to the KS, and that was just for a handful of models. P-65 were just lead versions of the pewter line, so although this particular line will be gone, the minis will still exist even if they don’t have a Bones counterpart. I recognize a few P-65 that are now part of the Bones line, and I expect that the others will be prioritized with the rest of the catalog according to demand.