Reaper Miniatures’ Kickstarter Crosses $175k – reveals more freebies

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 2nd, 2012

Reaper is showing off some more freebies as their Bones Kickstarter campaign keeps traveling upwards.

From the update:

They’re on a roll! Hitting a goal every day since it launched, Reaper’s Vampire pledge is now up to 89 minis for $100 and they just revealed a goal that will add 4 more!

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  • Getting close to that $100 for 100 minis mark like sedition wars, but without a game.

  • Ghool

    …and soft bendy, cheap-o plastic….I’m not impressed with this line, as the plastic they use is sub-par at best.
    But, the price can’t be beat for RPG chaff you’re going to need loads of. They suit their purpose, but as a collector and painter, I’ll stick to the metals.

    • TylerT

      metal miniatures use flexible molds to provide undercuts. plastic minis use steel tools, the soft plastic allows for the models to have the same detail and undercuts as their metal counter parts but at a cheaper price. add in that plastic minis like this are way easier to transport then metal and i fail to see many downsides. also bones are ready to paint, how do you beat that?

  • Darsc Zacal

    As a painter, collector, and gamer myself, since the late ’70’s, I’ve already added some of the Bones line of minis to my collection. The detail is just as sharp as the metal versions, once painted you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which unless you lifted it.

    I’ve worked with a lot of different materials for mini’s and all have pluses and minuses. I think the Bones positives outweight any perceived negatives.

    What I especially like about these is that it’s affordability will help allow new folks into the miniatures world and keep our hobby alive. That’s something that in my opinion a lot of miniature makers are loosing sight of these days.

  • I bought a bunch of Bones and was really surprised of the quality and detail you get for the price. Once I saw the Kickstarter I just had to support it.

  • Well, it’s still roughly more than $1 a mini where there are other kickstarters with the same ratio of $1 per mini, but with metal or hard plastic.

    The $15 deal where you get 36 minis is awesome, but not at 100 minis for $100 unless you get someone to split the higher priced option.

    • Still 22 days to go. If they ever get near what sedition wars got I’m hoping the economies of scale will end up giving the $100 backers much more than 100 figures. We do get the motorcycle Sophie in metal right now which is a pretty big chunk of the $100 pledge.

  • Sevej

    It’s worth noting that the Kickstarter makes it possible for more cheap Bones to get released since it seems their start up cost is quite high.

    • Yes, that is a bonus. Good point Sevej. However, dont they have the molds done for a lot of the bones line? Are these re-releases, but in plastic? Im not sure, but I thought so. I haven’t checked their line out extensively to figure it out.

      • I’m pretty sure the molds have to be redone for the new plastic medium they are using.

  • lordofexcess

    Just watch the kickstarter video Varagon he explains it right at the beginning and that card he has figs on, if you look close that has all the current stuff from the range being produced in the bones line. Its hard to make out exactly which minis but it isn’t that many, a dozen to be exact (around 15 seconds in). I guess if you pause it and you know their line well you might be able to make em out.

  • Ghool

    I’ve handled quite a number of the Bones models, and they detail isn’t sharp, and the weapons are soft, and extremely flimsy. Being able to bend a miniature 90 degrees at the ankles with zero effort is not a positive. 😛
    Sure, they’re cheap, and like I said, they’re great for RPG chaff.

    I’d like to see one of these models made of the low-grade material get entered into a major painting contest and win.

    I’ll eat my shorts if it happens anytime soon.