Realm Fantay Warfare having a free army giveaway

Realm Fantasy Warfare is giving away a pair of armies (plus accessories) to get them started full-on with the gaming system.

The Details:

“Free stuff! I’ve got two starter sets to giveaway to get two folks everything they need to get started playing games of Realm. Without getting into specifics, I’ve got models, bases, gaming tokens, dice and even custom painting (on request) that needs a new home.

The models have been provided by Eureka Miniatures, from their 18mm Fantasy Range. Custom painting is provided by Luke at The Sound of Machines Commission Painting.

To enter the draw is simple. Post some original content online discussing Realm (review, battle report, discuss tactics a forum thread, write a blog post on your favourite army in Realm…I’ve left it as open as possible), email me (contact[at]realmfw[dot]com) the url and you’re in.

The competition ends on December 31st, so there’s plenty of time to get in. Looking forward to reading all the entries!

  • Soulfinger

    Can I do fan fiction?

    “You wretched conscripts!” cried the Revenant Lord. “I am tired of your incompetence. Go now and feed the Daemon Oxes. I assume they eat human flesh or something, but tofu will do in a pinch.”
    The wretched conscripts moaned and shuffled away. Feeding the Daemon Oxes was a task that they dreaded, but then again, all cursed units had dread.

    I WIN!

  • Soulfinger

    Nice job on the website by the way.

  • Hi Soulfinger!

    Thanks for not tearing me a new one. It’s infinitely more positive than our last encounter.

    I am no designer and certainly can’t afford a good one, so I’ve just tried to make the site as clear and as readable as I could.

    Regarding the giveaway I hope that you do enter and I would love to read some fan fiction. Tofu or not.

  • Soulfinger

    Credit where it is due. You are taking a much more refined approach to promoting your product than with your earlier attempt. Still not the game for me, but you have kept at it and the effort shows. I never wanted to see you fail at this, and I know that I tore you a new one, but I did try to take it somewhere constructive. THIS other bunch of posts is me being a total asshat with nothing constructive to add. I hope that you took On The Lambs’ advice about talking to people in the industry. The one thing I would add to your site is your Realm logo at the top of the page, which can be clicked on to return to your homepage.

    Also, you no longer end every sentence of your post with a smiley face anymore, which is a big plus in my book.

  • Hopefully all that means I’ve learnt something so far. I think the game itelf has matured a lot since its release at any rate.

    I will get the logo back up on each page. I’m currently adding next/previous navigation to the bottom of the page to assist those reading from start to finsh.

    Thank you for the comments. I always appreciate any feedback I can get.