RCMP Constable Lestrade released at Harwood Hobbies

By tgn_admin
In Horror
Apr 19th, 2011

Harwood Hobbies have released their RCMP Constable Lestrade horror figure.

 RCMP Constable Lestrade

From their announcement:

Add a little Canadian flavour to your game!  Harwood Hobbies has released three versions of RCMP Constable Lestrade (normal, armed, and zombified).   All range from 31-33mm to the top of the head and are available individually or as a set of thre

  • supervike

    Excellent! I always love ‘three stage’ minis. I wish there were more of these.

  • There are some more from Harwood Hobbies, and I’m very confident that there will be more 🙂

  • Woohoo! Finally a mountie mini that doesn’t suck! 🙂