Rattrap Facebook contest

Rattrap Productions are giving away a set of Scenario Cards via their Facebook page.

From their website:

I know there are some of you on Facebook and some who would not go near it for anything. But, I am going to run a small contest using it to try and increase the number of people “liking” Rattrap.

Facebook is a marketing tool like many other things, but because things you like can be seen by people you are friends with, it is easy to expand beyond people who already know about our games.

Anyway, at some point next week, I am going to post an image on Facebook of the Scenario card deck that I am going to get printed. This is a test run for eventual scenario decks that will contain all the Encounter cards and character cards for a game. All you will need to do is supply terrain and miniatures. The cards will be full color and this preview set will have just 18 cards (final sets will have between 18 and 54.)

Once I post the image, anyone who, during the first week it is up, “Likes” it on Facebook will be entered to win one of these preview sets.