Rarest GW mini ever on Auction?

Olleys Armies have a new eBay auction for what might be the rarest GW miniature to date.


From their announcement:

I have just listed a very rare Genestealer Magus with table consul on my eBay auctions, it has no reserve. The original was sculpted by myself (Bob Olley) when I worked for GW as a designer in the late 1980’s, at the time I was given two castings which I have had in my personal collection ever since.

It wasn’t until Jackie posted a question about the mini on Frothers Unite that I discovered it may never have been released at all. (Obligatory Frothers warning: most likely NSFW)

And here’s the eBay auction listings. BTW 10% of the auction price goes to charity

  • The Grey Knight

    I wonder what recaster is going to win this.

  • evernevermore (John)

    I want a copy of that table!

  • riftsinger

    i have some unreleased (for sale anyway) epic eldar stuff wonder if its worth anything?

    • fiendil

      If that’s the Exodite stuff, then yes, it’s worth a few pounds (maybe £20 a pop if I remember right from the last lot of auctions I saw), but not a vast amount.

      • riftsinger

        nah its a old wedge style like the 1st eldar plasic falcons in epic metal fire prism ,an metal eldar fighter ,and bomber, from just before they changed to the cresant style for eldar tanks got them at games day when they where still at derby given away as preveiws of upcoming stuff then changed the style

  • unihead

    I’ll be interested to see what that orc dreadnought goes for, I’ve got a painted one around here somewhere …

  • supervike

    I hope you get a mint out of it.

    • Zac

      Or a box of them. I’d hold out for more than a mint.

  • unihead

    Hmm, I just checked, mine has FOUR arms! And not too shabbily painted for the 80s, if I do say so myself… 🙂

  • Hope it makes a fortune.

  • GS_topcow

    I love Bob Olleys Work

  • Trent

    Finished up at $675 USD….pretty nice!