Ramshackle Games Gun Mount with Shield

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Jan 23rd, 2012

Ramshackle Games releases a new gun mount with shield:

From their post:

The latest model to go up in the Ramshackle Games shop is a mounted gun with bullet shield. It was mastered by Leo Blackband. The model is resin as usual and retails for £2.

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  • lordofexcess

    BLAH!! Ramshackle has some great, affordable stuff! Great customization options, terrain/accent piece options, etc. etc. but … they are in the UK and doing massive orders from them from the states … sort of negates the “affordable” side of things.

    Does Ramshackle have a US partner? I bet the Warstore would happily partner with them, perhaps Miniature Market.

    Anyway yet another cool piece that I probably won’t own because I’m too cheap to pay shipping from the UK 🙁

    Here is what Ramshackle’s own quote on international shipping is:

    “International Customers

    If you are ordering from outside the UK and your order exceeds £32 you may find that your postage costs are rather high. This is because the Royal Mail use the value of the parcel as a means of setting their fees (as well as its weight). Should you wish to make a larger order, we recommend that you split your order into smaller units to save on postage if they prove rather high. Alternatively, please contact us via our feedback form and we can investigate your special needs and invoice you directly instead.”

  • I can’t imagine that it’s worse that ordering from Forge World. Personally I’d be totally willing to shell out ridiculous shipping if it meant getting models that are almost as good as some of FW’s stuff for a fraction of the price.

  • Postage is a pain!

    If you contact me through the contacts page on our web site I am totally happy to work out a deal, especially on large orders. I can usually take at least the sting out of the postage prices.


  • Orca