Raging Heroes special offer and low stock warning

Raging Heroes are running a “3 for 2″ special offer and are also reporting low stocks on some of their miniatures.

From their announcement:

Heroine Asharah (playable as Dark Elf, Vampire or Chaos and available in 28mm and 54mm) has proven to be one popular lady. With all the single 28mm Asharah sold out, the only way to get her for the past few weeks has been by purchasing her Command Group where she is featured along with her Musician and her Flag Bearer. But there are now only 65 full Command Groups left in 28mm.

Furthermore, with three new minis forthcoming in the next few days (stay tuned), our Special Deal of “three minis for the price of two” on Asharah’s Command Group in both 28mm and 54mm will expire March 31st at midnight. This Special Deal is particularly sweet for the 54mm Command Group: you save 26.90 Euros when you purchase together Asharah, her Flag Bearer and her Musician, all in beautifully detailed 54mm size.

And here is how Asharah (28mm) looks like with some paint on her…