Raging Heroes: Special Launch Deal on 2 versions of Brunhilde on War Steed pre-orders

Raging Heroes is taking names of those that want their upcoming Brunhilde model as soon as it’s available and they’re running a special deal if you want both versions.

From the announcement:

We’ve just opened pre-orders on

1. Brunhilde with Great Banner mounted on a War Steed (with additional high-ranking Female Knight head option)
2. Brunhilde with Shield mounted on a War Steed (with additional Helmeted Head option).

You can get each separately, but we’ve also sweetened the deal if you get both together.
And there’s another deal as well if you want all 3 versions (includes the foot(wo)man version).

And for the first 50 orders, the pre-order prices are even lower than usual!
Just follow the links for more info.

  • Brunhilde with banner on steed €29.95
    Brunhilde with shield on steed €27.95

    Total: €57.90

    “Want BOTH? -> Order here for an additional 3 Euros discount”
    price: €54.90

    Then it says on the site:
    “Want ALL THREE versions? -> Order here for an additional 4 Euros discount.”
    price: €66.85
    Brunhilde on foot €12.95

    Actually that is only 1 additional Euro discount, not 4. It’s a total discount of 4 Euros.

    It might just be a wording thing, but I was expecting an additional €4 off for a total of €7 discount on all three…

    • Soulfinger

      It also includes a sprue of 7 resin boobs to use with your conversions (6 + 1 for slow dancing), optional dancer pole to place between the horse’s forelegs, and 3 models of slavering, creepy guys with beer guts and 58 euros clutched in their hands. Also, a scolding letter from your mother.

      • Now that is a set I would have bought 😀 Mostly on account of the beergut guys.
        The esthetics of Raging Heroes is a bit bland… I do like some good pin-up art, but this is trying too much to speak to frothy teens and still be uhmm… passable as a straight piece. It kind of fails in both departments – obviously it’s just my opinion though.

  • jmw23

    Her breasts are definitely ridiculously over-developed. She is, however, wearing armor and not a chain mail thong. Can anyone recommend a good 28mm heroic scale mini company that makes realistic female fantasy minis? Otherwise I may get this and just file her chest down or something.

    • mathieu

      Games Workshop, oddly enough. The (rather rare) female models still display excessive cleavage, but they are not disproportioned.

      Studio McVey models actually have a range of different breast sizes.