Raging Heroes previews Cruz for their upcoming Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 1st, 2013

Raging Heroes is showing off the artwork for another of their upcoming Kickstarter models.

From the preview:

Meet Cruz, one of the tougher ‘Rambettes’ planned for our upcoming Kickstarter. And head over to our blog for our response to your feedback on our Kickstarter dilemma, along with some talk about a game…

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  • estrus

    Just get on with it already!

    • Zextelmon

      Totally agree, how many articles do you need about “Raging Heroes upcoming kickstarter”.

      Just take my money damnit!

  • No doubt this was inspired by Tank Girl

  • Ghost

    Those tiny little arms are challenging my suspension of disbelief, although I’m on record here as a grumpy old man when it comes to improbable miniatures of Escher and Tank Girl figures. Perhaps that gun is another cosplay replica, or it has antigrav suspensors. /shrug

    Wait, where is the ammo being stored?

    • Bobofreak

      I on the other hand am able to suspend my belief in physics enough to enjoy the badassness of the concept. Can’t wait for the KS but I kinda enjoy the drawn out process a bit. Has me foaming at the mouth a bit.

      • Soulfinger

        The gun is just there to conceal “her” phallus. Now don’t you feel weird.

        • That’s the impaler 5000… guaranteed satisfaction. Ammo sold seperately.

          • Soulfinger

            I find that more disturbing than my original comment. Good job!

  • Veritas

    I think they need to change their company name from Raging Heroes to Raging Hormones.

    • I just think they need to change their loo to something readable.

      • Soulfinger

        Best thing I ever read on a loo was “Don’t let her get you down.”

  • cama