Raging Heroes preview first sci-fi model

Kapitan Ivanka KurganovaRaging Heroes have posted a preview of their first sci-fi model – Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova.

From their announcement:

So here is the master for our first sci-fi model: Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova. We’ll have other images soon, showcasing another sword option.

The master is ready to go to foundry for some delicate cleaning and then straight to production. This means that Ivanka could be yours just before the end of July.

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  • 4tonmantis

    Yes please! This is great innovation.. finally someone is putting a refreshing look to proven concepts and adding some life into the models in the process. Dynamic posing in figures (and the lack of) is the difference between plastic models and fine miniatures in this reader’s opinion.

  • Tommygun

    I want!
    Very high quality.

  • poi

    Sorry, but that pistol grip pose to hold a sword that huge is absurd. Her arm would have to be the size of my gut to hold it up like that.

    • Doc

      which is why it is called ‘fiction’!

  • poi

    I love the rest of the model though.

  • I can see this one eventually making it into my pick n mix IG army for 40k, very cool.

    With regards the pistol grip sword perhaps it’s made from some super futuristic, lightweight, crazy-strong carbon fibre mix 🙂

  • tajnisvet

    “Steel is forged while it’s hot” title is win! She is hot too! I’m going to buy one model from Raging Heroes at last!

  • Nosaj Verush

    Auto buy! I love it when company’s make special figs with other companies’ stuff in mind. Why has nobody done it with regard to Privateer Press stuff?