Raging Heroes Orc masters arrive

Raging Heroes got the masters in for their Orc Warmasters. They’re wanting to show them off, and we’re happy for it.

From the copy:

We’ve just received the masters for our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Orcs, and we can truly say that they are VERY big guys!

And great news: these minis will be in RESIN, not metal!!! They are being cast by the same folks that do our Cyberwolves and are currently working on our next batch of Manticores!

(Don’t miss out on the pre-order pricing of Orc Warmaster Gormakk in SF or Fantasy , ending soon).

Since it’s always difficult to get a good feel for the actual volume of a mini from a photo, we took photos of Orc Warmaster Gormakk in both versions, (SF and Fantasy) next to one of our Blood Vestals. Follow the links for more images.

  • Hm.. he’s big.. but I’m not crazy about the overly rounded look of his details.
    That being said.. please make a “mechanized armor” version of this. Mega-armored Warboss is something that has been “make your own” or use Ghaz for a very long time.

    • Redordead

      Why have none of the supplementary model companies never done that? You would think Chapterhouse would have been all over an Ork Megaboss.

      This is a nice model, but I concur with 4tonmantis regarding crispness. It’s slightly too squidgy for me folks.