Raging Heroes has a sale on Cyberwolves

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 3rd, 2012

Raging Heroes is having a sale of their new Cyberwolves. Apparently everyone wants them and they’re going to give the people what they want.

You shouldn’t be reading this. You should be buying wolves. But if you must read:

With all the frenzy about Sci-Fi wolves at the moment, after a heated debate, we made the hard decision to sharply drop the price of our Cyberwolves to be closer to our competition (even if ours are much bigger resin minis). So, with Raging Heroes Cyberwolves, this is what you get:

PRICE: Pack of 3 + Pack Leader (4 wolves) works out to 70,90€, so about 60£, US$94, CDN$93, AUS$87…
And because we believe in fairness, those who pre-ordered at the previous prices can get a store credit for the price difference, just by asking for it!
MATERIAL: Ultra high-quality resin casts by one of the best miniatures resin foundries in the world!
SIZE: Big!
DESIGN: ’nuff said.
CYBER add-ons: Actually look like they can bear heavy-armored warriors.

In a rush to have them? Grab them now, the first run is for 100 units, next run will start in 2 weeks

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  • Remember what I said about other companies doing this better than GW? Yeah, this is what I was talking about. I remembered these but couldn’t remember who was the manufacturer. The price is pretty steep even with a sale but I prefer these figures by far.

  • Bellygrub

    Not me. The detail doesn’t look very crisp at all. Plus they’ve got to much of an anime vibe for my liking. I’d go with the GW sculpts 100%.

    Doesn’t help that the pack leader has the same pose as my dog when it takes a leak either 😀

  • blackfang

    The details on these look about as sharp as play-doh. The GW ones look kinda boring to me visually, but they’re done well.

    Will be funny to watch the rest of the knockoff companies scramble to move as much product as possible before everyone becomes aware of the new GW plastics.

  • Hi guys!
    As much has every one is entitled to their likes and dislikes in terms of shapes, style and design, I feel I must step up here and correct a few misunderstandings:

    We are very surprised to see negative comments about the level of detail of this sculpt. If you know a bit about our brand, and if you own some of our models such as Ivanka or Asharah Anniversary, or if you read comments all over the web, our minis are said to be on the top range of the market in terms of crispness and detailing.

    Maybe the reason you have difficulties to apprehend the level of detail here is because of the material in which the miniature is made. What you see on the photos are masters made with the ultra-high quality resin used in applications such as dentistry. However, it is true that this material does not always photograph as well as green stuff masters because it is very matte and so generates very low contrast when exposed to light.

    Nevertheless, we’ve just received the first resin casts for these minis two days ago, and they are the most amazing casts we’ve ever seen. We are lucky enough to work this time with what is probably the most talented resin foundry in the business, and their work is absolutely stunning.

    We will post some photos of these cast in the next few days, and you will instantly understand what we mean.

    We’ve chosen to show photos of the masters to help you get a better feel for cyberwolves’ bulk and size. However, if you want to get a better feel for the details on these minis, you may want to head over to our website and check out the 3D renders, which are an exact representation of what the final casts look like.

    Hope this helps!
    Benoit (Raging Heroes)

  • Don’t take it personal Benoit, the figs look great. If you feel like they are are top quality product, trust your instincts.

  • I wouldn’t listen to those guys… I’m an artist and recognized that the photo was over-exposed and that particular finish (the color and matte surface) are really killing the details. I personally can’t stand the way GW makes spiky fur lately.. It resembles thick scales more than tufts of fur. You guys are closer to the way Rackham depicts fur in miniature sculpture. The only things I can see people having a legitimate gripe about is if they don’t like the poses or that style of cybernetics. Which I do like, but sadly cannot afford. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Soulfinger

      Mmm yeah, looks like it’s about one f-stop too bright plus the composition is really off in the first photo. Also, that the reduced price is twice as much as what GW is charging, that does a lot to draw the eye away from the fine details.

  • Thank you for your positive feedback.
    However, regarding the pricing, there seems to be a misunderstanding:

    All of our Cyberwolves are being made in the highest quality resin currently available on the market which, as you all know, is way more expensive than plastic to produce.
    Yet if you purchase the 3-cyberwolves Pack + the Pack Leader, it works out to virtually the same price as GW’s plastic thunderwolves pack + resin pack leader. If you were to buy 4 finecast thunder wolves from GW, you’d have to spend way more.

    Thanks again,

    • GW’s “Cyberwolves” are $16.50 each ($66 for 4 @ MSRP but you can get them cheaper from discount retailers).

      Their “Thunderwolf Cavalry” is $54.50 for a squad of 3 ($41 from discount merchants on e-bay and whatnote) plus probably $18 for a bitz order one from one of those types of retailers.. is also ~ $60.

      Raging Heroes current pack of 4 is $94.

      I don’t think anyone misunderstands the math. Again though.. I do prefer the Raging Heroes models. However, $100 for a pack of 4 wolf cavalry is never going to be in my budget. :/

  • Soulfinger

    Frankly, the high quality resin angle is immaterial in this case. The product falls into the tabletop gaming category where price is key. Sure, the GW sculpts are balls, and I agree with 4tonmantis about the fur looking like feathers, but they cost less and are sufficient for the gaming table. I can get them wholesale and the plastic is easy to work with conversion-wise.

    For example, I would not hesitate to drop $100 on a single Kingdom Death miniature, because that is an art piece with a sense of inherent value that justifies the countless hours that I would spend painting it and the space on the mantle. Likewise, some of Forge World’s offerings may as well have headers that read, “Nostalgic Miniatures for Aging Fat Men with Disposable Incomes.” Conversely, these cyberwolves are clearly purposed for the gaming table and a demographic about twenty years younger than me.

  • Joseph Boyd

    Your out of your mind!