Raging Heroes’ Eleriel&Alaniel painted

By TGN Ross
In News
Dec 23rd, 2011

Raging Heroes posts up the painted version of Eleriel and Alaniel.

From their announcement:

Here are the Standard Bearers Eleriel&Alaniel (28mm) painted by the talented Angel Giraldez.

Eleriel and Alaniel are two elven princesses who were abducted by Asharah to be her favourite slave girls. But the truth is that you can use them in virtually any army as Standard Bearer, great banner, or objective marker.

Pre-orders of Standard Bearers are now closed, and we are currently shipping them in the order they were received. New orders will be shipped around January 7th. More images on our website.

  • irashaine1972

    Yet another scantily clad,highly suggestive miniature. Original…..

  • darksword

    I love the movement of the billowing flag. Can’t wait to use this…

  • mathieu

    The picture in green is photoshopped from the one in blue. Or the other way around. Makes me wonder what was painted in the original picture (whichever it is) and what was smoothed out in PS…

    • Lemminkaeinen

      I noticed the colour swap, too, but since this has been painted by Angel Giraldez, I’m sure the painting itself is impeccable.