Raging Heroes announces Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadow pre-order

Raging Heroes are accepting pre-orders for their Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadow figure.

Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows

Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows is available in two sizes with three versions each

From their announcement:

Raging Heroes introduces Kahn-Urkan, Lord of Shadows, a formidable character for your Evil armies. He represents the perfect Black Knight archetype. With his many options and his availability in two sizes, Kahn-Urkan can be used as a Vampire Lord, a General or the Avatar of a Dark Elven God, a Champion of Chaos, or a huge Demon.

Kahn-Urkan is now available for pre-order in two versions:
– Heroic: In 28mm scale, its massive wings give it a size of about 15cm high and yet, the mini fits on a 20x20mm base and can thus be easily incorporated into a unit.
– Legendary: In this version, Kahn-Urkan can be used as a Great Demon or a God Avatar for 28mm armies, or as a 54mm collector miniature. The mini will fit on a 40x40mm base. The tip of the wings is 25cm from the ground, making Legendary Kahn-Urkan one of the largest demonic miniature on the market.

Both versions are supplied with an impressive assortment of 10 accessories: five weapons, three heads, two sets of shoulders.

In addition, you can have Kahn-Urkan with Bat wings, with wings of Thorns, or choose the wingless alternative. Don’t miss the many images on the website.

Availability: Mid-July 2010
To compensate for the long wait, the first 100 pre-orders can save up to 10 Euros, depending on the model selected.