Rage of Demons D&D Minis Now Available From WizKids

By Polar_Bear
In Dungeons & Dragons
Sep 10th, 2015
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Demons aren’t really known for their composure and restraint. In fact, it’s sort of one of their hallmarks that they don’t have composure and restrain, for the most part. As such, calling a set Rage of Demons seems rather fitting. Since I don’t think “Tolerance of the Demons” or “Quiet Contemplation of the Demons” would’ve gone over so well.


Each booster pack for Rage of Demons contains 1 large figure and 3 small or medium figures. This set has such iconic monsters as the Beholder, Djinn, Nightmare, Rust Monster (personally really hate those guys), Roper (no Ebert), and more. You can see a full list, with photos, over on the announcement page.


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  • DB

    Usually when a company shows off their miniatures, they provide the selection with the best paint job possible. If that’s the case here, WizKids is back in original Mage Knight form.

    The Troll looks fine. The Beholder is fantastic. The Spectator (beholder with four eyestalks) needs to stop abusing tooth whitening compounds, as it has made his teeth, gums, and tongue go white. The Grell looks…uh…freshly bathed? The goblin and kobold…well, I guess you don’t expect much out of the crunchy minions.

    Looks like a very mixed bag here.