RAFM Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier Game up on Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions launched their Kickstarter for their Fantasy Miniatures Universal Soldier game.



From the campaign:

Universal Soldier Fantasy Battles is an impressive miniatures war game, where players take command of the armies of one of six factions of Alioth! The game is balanced for armies from 10 to 150 models per side, now you can vie for the Relics of Power!

  • grimbergen

    OK censure me if need be, but I’ve tried other means of communication and have not seen any response. I submitted a news item for the Stonehaven papercraft KS last week and never saw it posted. There was nothing inappropriate or offensive in it that should have had it excluded.

    Then I sent contact inquiry regarding it yesterday morning and have not received anything back.

    PB, can you confirm if you are getting these and what the issue is with my news submission? thanks

  • Soulfinger

    The game where every faction is Jean-Claude Van Damme. Fascinating though that their business model is to take their old back catalog of models and have Reaper cast them in Bones plastic. As much as I love RAFM, some of these figures are nearly as old as I am and better suited for the tastes of collectors than hobbyists. Cast in Bones plastic, they’ll be competing with those toy store buckets of plastic knights. On top of that, buying a miniature like Hartha the Death Machine in Bones plastic costs $19, a savings of only $4 over buying it in lead. I wish RAFM would do a KS to update their website. This one is a huge step backward from their last project.