Rackham Entertainment closing?

It appears that Rackham Entertainment may be closing. Loyal Touch, the company that bought Rackham Entertainment from Entrepreneur Venture, is being liquidated. It appears that Rackham had limited working capital when bought and that Loyal Touch won’t be, and may be incapable of, injecting more into the company.


Question (from a shareholder):
“What motivated the decision to buy Rackham Entertainment, a historically fragile structure without any apparent connection with the activities of Loyal Touch? What was the date and the financial conditions of this purchase? What options are now under consideration for this company? What are the economic and industrial reasonings that drove you to purchase Rackham Entertainment?”

Answer (from Loyal Touch):
“The company was bought with a year of working capital. Since it never took off, the activity will be dropped.”

Thanks to Mathieu Therezien for the tip and the translation.

Update: there have been mentions online from members of the Rackham staff that seem to indicate that buyers for the company and/or their games are discussing purchases with Loyal Touch. I’ve contacted Rackham to see if there is any confirmation of this but if there are negotiations underway they may not comment.