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Mathieu Thérézien has sent along a translation of the post made by Rackham employee Nicolas Raoult on the French AT-43 forum regarding the company, its goals and its current scheduling and development priorities.

> The question that comes to my mind now is “without JB, will the new direction have the same motivation to keep going when difficulties will present themselves (insufficient profitability,…)?

Jean Bey is gone, but Rackham-E is far from knocked down.

Six years ago, the business manager of Rackham at the time asked me: “what’s the objective of Rackham?” and I replied: “to make pretty miniatures”. I had it all wrong, and he immediately told it to me, quoting: “No, the objective of Rackham is to make money”. The conversation lasted 5 seconds and was enough to change my view on things.

Nobody serious would start working on a project that wouldn’t provide him enough to live, especially if that’s the only project they work on. This kind of reasoning is the same for investors. The objective of Rackham is the same as for any other business: make a profit.

The new management of the company, embodied by Nathalie Lamri, is completely realistic about the profitability goals of Rackham-E, but also about the value of its two main universes: AT-43 and Aarklash. For those of you wondering about her, I can assure you that Nathalie Lamri is motivated, and that’s an euphemism. I wish you to meet her some day. That’s worth it 🙂

Back on topic, Rackham-E works on several projects while keeping on developing AT-43 and Confrontation. Allow me to elaborate on these two points.

You may have noticed that the most recently released armies (Cogs and ONI) are developed with a better visibility of the range. One maximal size ONI kopeks unit is composed of two unit boxes, and that’s it.

The release schedule and the new editorial model (Army boxes and Unit boxes) were designed depending on the number of employees, the resources, and the objectives of the company. There are less of us than there used to be, but we try to edit products with an optimal game/marketing/production ratio. Putting together a correct schedule according to these three criteria is an interesting challenge, and a very valuable professional experience ^_^.

The release schedule that Martin Terrier gave you was created in a committee with people from management, marketing, sculpting, production in China, and writers. We put our skills together to get “the best possible deal” to quote Paolo Parente.
We’ll see if that long thought out edition model reveals profitable. If the customers are there, there’s no reason for it to fail!

Let me insist on one point: all the actors of Rackham-E are aware of the value of the historical universes of the company.
In the worst case scenario, the Confrontation game could disappear (note the conditional mood) in its current form, but not Aarklash. And the same thing goes with AT-43.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve also been wring for several months on new universes, with new games for all kinds of audiences. This new direction began with the change of name and of logo of the company.

The guiding principle of this approach is not to abandon AT-43 and Confrontation, but to give the company new opportunities for development and profitability.

If all goes as we hope and if our work bears fruit, Rackham-E will be less dependent on the market changes. It’ll be more diversified, and therefore stronger and better able to please everyone: bosses, employees, stores and gamers.
But hey, that’s the next step… For now we are doing our best, the only thing left to do is to knock on wood.

Today, it’s not Rackham anymore but Rackham Entertainment. Same artists, new bosses, new goals.

Talk about it amongst yourselves 🙂

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