Rackham 2010 tentative release schedule posted

French gaming message board Les Loupes du Téméraire have posted a tentative 2010 release schedule for Confrontation and AT-43 products. January sees the release of the products intended for December 2009 release, February sees no releases and then each month sees a new set of AT-43 and Confrontation products.

Update: the site has shut off general access to the forum. Here is a translated version of the original post

This schedule is provisional and subject to the aries of transportation and production from China.

Here are the releases for AT-43 and Confrontation in 2010

Unit box Virus zombies detonator
Hero box Daymyo John Priest & Limo
Ram Army box
Ram Army book
Hero box Azael
Unit box Abysmal skull
Unit box Necromancer skull
Hero Doriman box
Hero Kallienne box
Archers Unit Box

not out yet for reasons of supply.

Unit box Cog Recon strider weapons interchangeable
Unit box stalkers
Unit box Wamphyrs
Hero box Ejhin of Vanth
Hero box Gorgon
Hero box Melmoth
Hero box of Rhea Brisis

Attachment box Stalkers
Unit box ONI korps α
Hero box Feydd Mantis
Royal Guards Unit Box

Army box Karman
Unit box Medium Enforcer
Attachment box Royal Guards
Unit box Reapers

UNA Army box
Unit box Thunder trike
Unit box Worg
Attachment box Reapers

Unit box super zombie reanimator β
Unit box Zombi TacArms γ
Kossak Unit Box reissue
Unit box Ballista
Box Hero Red Oak

Army box Krygs
Army book Krygs
Krygs Box 1
Box 2 Krygs
Hero box Cmyr of Vanth

Unit box Countersnipers
Box 3 Krygs
Krygs Box 4
Scorpion Army box
Hero Cadwallon box
Hero box Theben

Krygs Box 5
Krygs Box 6
Elf Army box
Elves Army book
Elves Box 1
Box Elves 2

Unit box Virus zombies contaminators
Unit box Spetsnatz kolossus reissue
Army box Griffon
Box 3 Elves
Elves Box 4

In short as you can see, there are two new armies: one for confrontation and for AT 43.