Quar short film

ZombieSmith have posted links to a short video featuring the Quar.

From their website:

In December last year I was asked if I had a little time to direct a short film with a group of students from Ex’pression College in Emeryville, California. I was asked if I had any ideas for a teaser length short. Ha! Did I ever?
So, here you go, a vimeo link and a youtube link. Be sure and watch them in full HD.

  • LaughingFerret

    This is brilliant. Makes me want to find to find the time to get to my Quar!

  • beshkno

    Looks good!

  • fattdex


  • Very nice. The audio had the feel of Saving Private Ryan.

  • Morf


  • Sisyphus

    Ah… man… now I got to buy some Quar. I have to say this stuff is SOOOOO cool!

  • mksiebler

    I agree, simply brilliant!

  • tredhed

    Ok……thats dirty pool, I say. 😉

    THIS is the way to sell miniatures. (goes off to scrounge money to get some Quar)

  • Shades

    Wow! Fantastic. I hope this sets a precedent for the industry. Way to go, ZombieSmith! Quar rock.

  • Repeter

    Leave it to Quar to shake off the “same-same”. Great marketing piece–guess I’ll buy some more Quar.

  • John Robertson

    Absolutely tremendous! I’m green with envy!