Quantum Gothic release Com Dish

Quantum Gothic have released their 28mm sci-fi Com Dish terrain kit. The resin kit is available for £15.00.


From their website:

This kit contains 9 detailed resin-cast parts. A 360 degree range ground based Communication Dish. An excellent and effective addition to our armoured scenery constructs and an attractive objective or boosting structure to visually enrich your sceneries and/or make all your games more exciting. The Dish can be turned 360 degree all around on its base so that it can ‘actively’ take place in a battle/game.

Game Play suggestions : As a Communication Dish to increase troops coordination and so effectiveness of your attacks – The direction to which the dish is pointing would positively effect the outcome of an attack of the troops within reach. As a Target or objective to take ( or take out ) in a game mission. As a Radar Dish to prevent surprise attacks or boost defence-readiness of your troops.