Pwork Wargames giveaway Woodland Mat 4×6′

Pwork Paper Wargames is looking to get some more followers over on their Facebook page, and they’re willing to reward you for doing so. Well, one of you, anyway. They’re having a contest over on their page where someone will win one of their Woodland mats.

How do you get your name in the hat? Head to their Facebook page, like them, like the giveaway post, comment on that post, and share it (lots of steps, but it is a pretty big mat).

The winner will be announced on Halloween (that’s October 31st for those that didn’t know).


  • jeff fearnow

    Sorry, but the whole Facebook-as-sole-retail-portal model is old, esp for those of us who have signed offa FB a long while back.

    But hey, I don’t get the ads,, they don’t get my business. fair nough.